Fly Me Up to Where You are

I had the honour of documenting for Fly Me Up to Where You are, there was a lot of energy and creativity going on, it was great to see.

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Fly Me Up To Where You Are begins with Christchurch's children and culminates in the heart of our city in a riot of colour.

Artist Tiffany Singh explores the power of 
art to build a community. Inspired by the Tibetan tradition of prayer flags, Fly Me Up To Where You Are gathers the hopes and dreams of thousands of Christchurch's children in the form of hand-painted dream flags created in workshops with the artist.

The flags unite in a stunning public installation, transforming part of the central city with a
mass of joyous colour.
 In this very special project, each child will create a flag expressing their personal hopes and dreams and a flag expressing their hopes and dreams for the city of Christchurch.

Come, with family and friends, and contemplate under this canopy of dreams, made by the children of Christchurch.

Commissioned by Auckland Arts Festival and premiered at Auckland Arts Festival 2013.